Haynes Manuals Presents Project 50. A full restoration of a 1965 Ford Mustang Convertible.


Haynes is celebrating its 50th birthday in a very unique and exciting way! This restoration will take a stock Mustang from "barn find" condition to "show car ready" in time for AAPEX/SEMA in 2011. "Project 50" is a DIY car enthusiasts' dream come to reality through the work of Haynes own employees who are DIY enthusiasts. These Haynes employees are the same people who do the teardowns, research, photograph and write Haynes repair manuals. Follow along with the restoration progress through the Live Mustang Cam during business hours or through the Video logs. Join Haynes in the celebration of 50 Years of Do-It-Yourself Automotive excellence with "Project 50"!

Live Mustang garage cam

1965 Ford Mustang convertible with a 289 V8 engine and C4 automatic transmission. The vehicle will be restored back to the original body color of Twilight Turquoise metallic and an interior style of D6 White Crinkle Vinyl with black appointments.

Project 50 Blog

Haynes Project 50 Blog is an area where you can speak directly to the Haynes team that is working on the Mustang restoration. You can ask them questions or leave them comments about the project. The Haynes team will be announcing news and coming events in the blog to keep you updated on the restoration schedule. As is usually the case with a project such as this, there will be some bumps in the road to the fully restored '65 Mustang convertible. So, follow along with Haynes' progress and you can be part of the team!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Project 50 Update: Activities from Sep 19 thru AAPEX/SEMA show

Project 50 Fans--
We are coming up to the finish line on Haynes Project 50--the complete restoration of '65 Mustang in celebration of our 50th anniversary as a company!

Our activities on the Mustang over the final few weeks before the 2011 AAPEX/SEMA show will be centered around the following:
  • Final Inspection
  • Detailing
Thanks for your interest in Haynes Project 50 over these past months. You can still ask any question of the Haynes mechanics who did the actual restoration work via this blog. Best, the Haynes Project 50 team

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Project 50 Update: Activities for the Weeks of August 29 and September 5, 2011

Project 50 Fans--
Haynes is celebrating its 50th birthday as a company with Project 50--a complete restoration of a classic '65 Ford Mustang convertible! We're getting pretty close to the SEMA/AAPEX show where Project 50 will be shown in its fully restored state at our Haynes booth.

Activities over the next couple of weeks will be as follows:
  • Installing the convertible top
  • Fine-tuning the engine
  • Restoring the jack
  • Restoring spare wheel/tire
  • Installing windshield molding
Watch the Haynes Project 50 team work live via the Haynes Live Garage Cam. Wish us luck as we bring the project to its final stages. Also, enjoy the videos we have of our project work on the haynes.com site!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Project 50 Activities for the weeks of August 1st and 8th

Hello Project 50 Fans:

Our activities over the next two weeks as we prepare our '65 Mustang restoration in time for the SEMA/AAPEX show in Las Vegas in November are as follows:
  • Spare wheel will be painted and the tire mounted
  • The jack will be restored
  • Under-dash courtesy light will be installed, wiring harness details finalized
  • Engine, start, cam break-in and tune-up
Be sure to watch us live during normal business hours on the Haynes P50 Mustang Live Garage Cam. You can always ask the Project 50 team a question about the work too!!


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Project 50 Activities for the weeks of June 20 and 27th

Project 50 Fans--
Our activities on the Haynes Project 50 Mustang Restoration will be the following over the next two weeks:
  • Install the radiator
  • Install the exhaust system
  • Rebuild the shifter
  • Clean-up and rebuild the driveshaft
  • Install the headlights
  • Install the transmission cooler lines
We hope you will continue to follow along with our progress as we go into the final stretch towards the 2011 AAPEX/SEMA show where our completed '65 Mustang will be shown.
Sincerely, the Haynes Project 50 Team

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Haynes Project 50 Update: Weeks of June 6 and 13th

Hello to our Haynes Site Visitors!

Here are our Project 50 activities over the next two weeks:

  1. Install the engine and transmission

  2. Install the window frames and glass

  3. Install weatherstripping

  4. Finish interior re-upholstery

You can ask the Project 50 Team any questions about the restoration. These are the actual guys doing the work!
Best, Haynes Project 50 Team

Friday, May 13, 2011

Haynes Project 50 Updates for the weeks of May 16th and 23rd

A Project 50 Update on our activities over the next two weeks:
  • Assembling the dash
  • Assembling the interior
  • Installing the glass
  • Preparing the engine compartment for engine installation
Please see our new video of our restoration work found above. And, be sure to check out the Mustang Live Garage Cam during business hours to see us work live! Leave us a question or comment please! Best, the Project 50 Team

Monday, April 18, 2011

Haynes Project 50 Update for the weeks of April 18th and 25th

Hello Project 50 Fans:
Over the next two weeks, we'll tackle the following in our restoration of a '65 Mustang convertible in time for the SEMA/AAPEX 2011 Show in Vegas:
  • Upholstering the seats
  • Assembling the exterior trim and emblems
  • Installing the rear lighting
Be sure to take a look at our videos of the restoration work. And, watch the live garage cam during business hours to see our work first hand.
The Haynes Project 50 Team

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